An Overview of Tiki Island Slot

Looking to find yourself a little slice of paradise? Well, why not consider giving the famous Tiki Island Slot a go? With up to £100,000 to be won as the highest possible prize you could change the rest of your life with just a few swings of the lever – or clicks of the mouse in this instance! – so if you want to try a new and exciting slots game this could be the one for you.

Based in a very vibrant setting in the form of a Tiki jungle you get everything from voodoo shamans and monkeys appearing. As well as having a stunning setting and feel to the game, it also lets you be at as little as 1p per run so you can really have some fun without ever challenging your bank account too much.

The objective of the game is obviously to try and get a combo, by lining up the Tiki symbols properly. When lined up in the right order you can win an incredible 10,000 times what you put on in the first place so a 1p win could make you as much as £100!

The games engine itself is very well built which means that it runs smoothly and looks great as it goes. The symbols in-game tend to be things like monkeys, flowers, tiki masks and fish all to give you an idea of what you are meant to be looking out for as you go. As you can imagine, it’s very important that your game is built around patience and making sure you aren’t just wasting money down the drain.

Tiki Island also provides you with a fair selection of fun bonus levels to make the most of. The first bonus game that you can take part in is the one which you need to pick the right puffer fish. The other game involves picking and then splitting a nut to find out if the winning value you needed was in fact inside it!

If you sign up today and deposit into the account then you can receive up to £25 in free-play vouchers which means you can play for much longer than you anticipated if you are just betting using 1p runs! This is a great little game and offers a unique and enjoyable take on the world of slots, without necessarily making it seem silly in any capacity.



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