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Kenya’s No1 Slot Machines Company Signs On To The Premier League

The Kenyan sports betting agency SportPesa has signed a high profile sponsorship deal with English football team Hull City AFC, who are set to play in this season’s edition of the English Premier League after previously earning promotion up from the second level Championship.

The multi-million pound agreement will see SportPesa become an official playing strip sponsor of Hull City with a high visibility shirt placement the destination for their company logo.

The 3 year deal is the most lucrative in Hull’s history and SportPesa will be able to apply their branding to the Tigers playing strip until 2019 under current terms.

Additionally, as part of the new arrangement, Hull City will become the first English Premier League side to travel and play in Kenya against a select local side, and the country currently has a desired goal of competing at the World Cup of football for the first time at the 2022 edition of the tournament.


SportPesa is one of Kenya’s leading betting agencies and they already have an existing commercial arrangement with another English Premier League Side, Arsenal, who sights them as their official Kenyan betting partner.  It is famed for the production of both Secrets of the Phoenix and Fortune Temple slot.

Additionally they have a major involvement with football in their own country as naming rights sponsor of the top professional league there, as well as sponsorship deals with two of the top local teams: AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia.

Comment From Hull City AFC

Mr Simon King, who acts in the roll of Commercial Manager at Hull City AFC, noted the size and scale of the new sponsorship deal which is easily the largest in the clubs history and ties in with their current ambition to promote the Hull City brand.

Mr King also pointed to the geographical significance of the deal as SportPesa is a well-known betting brand not just in Kenya but also throughout Africa.

Comment From SportPesa

Mr Ronald Karauri, who acts in the position of Chief Executive Officer at SportPesa, has noted the significance of the new deal with the English Premier League side as it sees its Kenya brand taken to a global audience for the first time.

Additionally, according to Mr Karauri, SportPesa’s betting platform will now be available in the United Kingdom as well as planned expansion into several other African countries by the end of this year, and an online presence in at least four other continents by t

Overview Of Tiki Island Slot: The Tropical Slot Game

Here we have everything, and more, that you could ever need to know about the hugely popular, Tiki Island slot machine.


Coin Size 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p
Win/Pay line 20
Reels 5
Max Payout 10.000 coins
Special Features 2 x Bonus Games
Special Symbols Scatter, Wild & Bonus Symbols
Free Slot Spins No
AutoPlay Yes

If you fancy playing slot games of chances and bored of the conventional slot games theme, then there is great news for you. For slot game lovers who fancy a tropical island-ish slot fun, then one particularly interesting slot machine called the Tiki Island Slot, which, as the name suggests, will surely ensure many hours of tropical fun. You are still not quite sure what this is all about? Well, meet the Tiki Island Slot. Keep on reading to learn how this nifty machine can make you enough money to actually spend your summer on a paradise tropical island. Can you say “no” to this?

Tiki Island Slot is actually a progressive slot machine “equipped” with tropical theme, which can make players richer for a top prize of £2,500. The machine has five reels that can land on any of the twenty win lines. It operates on coins ranging from 1 to 25p per line, meaning that unlike other slot machines, the Tiki Island Slot allows players to control their wager. What makes Tiki Island Slot so popular among players is that it comes with two interesting bonus games: the Tiki’s Nuts and the Puffer Fish.

In the Tiki’s Nuts, players should knock off some coconuts, while in the Puffer Fish players should pop some puffers for cash. Simple and super fun! And the best thing about these games is that players don’t need passports to have tons of fun. The machine is very easy to use: all you need to do is follow the simple systematic directions and the party can start.

Coin Sizes

Now, what about the coin size? The first thing players need to do before start playing is selecting the size of your coins. In this way players will be able to control the wager they invest. Each slot comes with different sizes of coins and their size is important, since the final amount one can win depends on the multiple of the size of the coins they use. This means that larger coins ensure bigger win. To choose and toggle between the distinct size of the coins players want to use, they simply should press on the +/- buttons, beneath the coin size displaying screen.

Win lines

What about win lines? Well, players can easily choose the number of lines they would like to place their wager on. The system is simple and easy to use: different win lines are colored in distinct colors and placed across the side of the reels. Tiki Island Slot allows players to bet on up to 20 win lines at one go. Logically, the more win lines player bets on, the higher the wager would be which also means a higher potential win.

On Tiki Island Slot, players can choose the number of win lines they would like to play on in three ways. The option “Bet One” allows them to add additional line. In case players exceed the maximal number of lines, the system will be automatically set to one line. Next, players can simply choose the colored numbers placed next to the reels. Finally, they can click on “Bet Max” to simply select the maximal number of win lines, which automatically starts spinning the reels.

Scatter/wild symbols

Scatter symbols are special symbols that may appear anywhere during the game. Scatter symbols represent Win Multipliers that are paid based on special system. For example, the symbol “3” means that the Win Multiplier is x5 x total coin bet, while the symbol “5” translates as x100 x total coin bet. On the other hand, wild symbols actually serve as a substitute for any game symbol, excluding bonus and scatter symbols. To be clearer, 5 wild symbols placed on a single win line will bring you the highest payout in Tiki Island Slot, or 10,000 x coins.

This was only a short presentation of the Tiki Island Slot, with short explanation of various slot machine features. However, the best way to learn is to try playing yourself. Find a reliable online site and start playing on the Tiki Island Slot. Who knows, it may be your ticket to a nice sandy beach on a real tropical island. Good luck!

An Overview of Tiki Island Slot

Looking to find yourself a little slice of paradise? Well, why not consider giving the famous Tiki Island Slot a go? With up to £100,000 to be won as the highest possible prize you could change the rest of your life with just a few swings of the lever – or clicks of the mouse in this instance! – so if you want to try a new and exciting slots game this could be the one for you.

Based in a very vibrant setting in the form of a Tiki jungle you get everything from voodoo shamans and monkeys appearing. As well as having a stunning setting and feel to the game, it also lets you be at as little as 1p per run so you can really have some fun without ever challenging your bank account too much.

The objective of the game is obviously to try and get a combo, by lining up the Tiki symbols properly. When lined up in the right order you can win an incredible 10,000 times what you put on in the first place so a 1p win could make you as much as £100!

The games engine itself is very well built which means that it runs smoothly and looks great as it goes. The symbols in-game tend to be things like monkeys, flowers, tiki masks and fish all to give you an idea of what you are meant to be looking out for as you go. As you can imagine, it’s very important that your game is built around patience and making sure you aren’t just wasting money down the drain.

Tiki Island also provides you with a fair selection of fun bonus levels to make the most of. The first bonus game that you can take part in is the one which you need to pick the right puffer fish. The other game involves picking and then splitting a nut to find out if the winning value you needed was in fact inside it!

If you sign up today and deposit into the account then you can receive up to £25 in free-play vouchers which means you can play for much longer than you anticipated if you are just betting using 1p runs! This is a great little game and offers a unique and enjoyable take on the world of slots, without necessarily making it seem silly in any capacity.



Tiki Island Slot Bonus Rounds

Tiki Island Slot is a five reel slot, 25 playing lines and various bonus features. The game has very bright and nice graphics, beautiful background along with some delightful tunes. It also has startling animation. It is based on the Pacific Island theme and maximum winning price limit for this game is £100,000.

The game has various wild symbols like Tiki the Monkey, blue and pink flowers, coconuts, Puffer fish, Tiki mask and the tribal man. You can only play this game online and you can select as many lines you want to bet on. The size of the coin ranges from 1p up to £10. Tiki Island Slot uses software provided by Gamesys.

How to Create Winning Chances

To win a jackpot value you need to get five Tiki island symbols on one line. If three scatter symbols appear on the screen, then you get x5 multiplier, and x25 multiplier is awarded for four scatter symbols. The biggest jackpot in this game is 10,000 coins and each coin costs $5.


Scatter symbol can pop up anywhere in the game and it will give you a multiplier based on the number of symbols selected by you. The Bonus Symbol gets activated when you get three coconuts and a Puffer fish symbol. The various wild symbols are available on Tiki island game. Five wild symbols lead to the jackpot, but there is no multiplier symbol available in this game.

Selecting Number of Lines

The minimum number of lines that you can select is 1. However, if you want to select all the paylines, you can by selecting only one button. These lines will appear on the board, and then it gets multiplied by the size of your selected coin.

By clicking Bet Min, you can add a line. By clicking Bet Max, you can select the maximum number of lines, it will start spinning automatically. Betting on maximum number of lines will increase your winning chances, but payout will remain same as it depends on the selected coin. You can also vary your coin size by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘sign displayed on the screen.

Special Features

One special feature of the game is automatic spin. It gives you the chance to select your spins in a slot while you can sit back and relax. The automatic spin function stops automatically whenever you get any bonus else you can also stop it manually by using the Stop button. The availability of various attractive symbols is also a unique and special feature of this game.

Bonus Features

There are no free spins available for this game, but two great bonus games are available to play.

The Puffer Fish Bonus: This game gets activated when you get three puffer fish on any playing line. Picking up a fish gives you the chance to win the cash amount associated with it. You have only five rounds to play, but in spite of that, you can get more bonus prizes.

The Tiki Nuts Bonus: Thisgame is activated when you get three coconuts symbols on any playing line. As the game is triggered, you will get nine coconuts, and as you click each one, it explodes and you will win the cash amount associated with it. The game will end when it reveals a collect symbol.

Featured Casinos

Jackpotjoy Casino, Heart Games, and Caesars Casino are some featured online casinos where you can play this game. Each casino provides 100% to 200% welcome bonus, cash back Mondays, cash giveaways, no download feature, free bingo daily, win a trip, cash prizes, special games, 10% cash back and a lot of other bonuses.