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Overview Of Tiki Island Slot: The Tropical Slot Game

Here we have everything, and more, that you could ever need to know about the hugely popular, Tiki Island slot machine.


Coin Size 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p
Win/Pay line 20
Reels 5
Max Payout 10.000 coins
Special Features 2 x Bonus Games
Special Symbols Scatter, Wild & Bonus Symbols
Free Slot Spins No
AutoPlay Yes

If you fancy playing slot games of chances and bored of the conventional slot games theme, then there is great news for you. For slot game lovers who fancy a tropical island-ish slot fun, then one particularly interesting slot machine called the Tiki Island Slot, which, as the name suggests, will surely ensure many hours of tropical fun. You are still not quite sure what this is all about? Well, meet the Tiki Island Slot. Keep on reading to learn how this nifty machine can make you enough money to actually spend your summer on a paradise tropical island. Can you say “no” to this?

Tiki Island Slot is actually a progressive slot machine “equipped” with tropical theme, which can make players richer for a top prize of £2,500. The machine has five reels that can land on any of the twenty win lines. It operates on coins ranging from 1 to 25p per line, meaning that unlike other slot machines, the Tiki Island Slot allows players to control their wager. What makes Tiki Island Slot so popular among players is that it comes with two interesting bonus games: the Tiki’s Nuts and the Puffer Fish.

In the Tiki’s Nuts, players should knock off some coconuts, while in the Puffer Fish players should pop some puffers for cash. Simple and super fun! And the best thing about these games is that players don’t need passports to have tons of fun. The machine is very easy to use: all you need to do is follow the simple systematic directions and the party can start.

Coin Sizes

Now, what about the coin size? The first thing players need to do before start playing is selecting the size of your coins. In this way players will be able to control the wager they invest. Each slot comes with different sizes of coins and their size is important, since the final amount one can win depends on the multiple of the size of the coins they use. This means that larger coins ensure bigger win. To choose and toggle between the distinct size of the coins players want to use, they simply should press on the +/- buttons, beneath the coin size displaying screen.

Win lines

What about win lines? Well, players can easily choose the number of lines they would like to place their wager on. The system is simple and easy to use: different win lines are colored in distinct colors and placed across the side of the reels. Tiki Island Slot allows players to bet on up to 20 win lines at one go. Logically, the more win lines player bets on, the higher the wager would be which also means a higher potential win.

On Tiki Island Slot, players can choose the number of win lines they would like to play on in three ways. The option “Bet One” allows them to add additional line. In case players exceed the maximal number of lines, the system will be automatically set to one line. Next, players can simply choose the colored numbers placed next to the reels. Finally, they can click on “Bet Max” to simply select the maximal number of win lines, which automatically starts spinning the reels.

Scatter/wild symbols

Scatter symbols are special symbols that may appear anywhere during the game. Scatter symbols represent Win Multipliers that are paid based on special system. For example, the symbol “3” means that the Win Multiplier is x5 x total coin bet, while the symbol “5” translates as x100 x total coin bet. On the other hand, wild symbols actually serve as a substitute for any game symbol, excluding bonus and scatter symbols. To be clearer, 5 wild symbols placed on a single win line will bring you the highest payout in Tiki Island Slot, or 10,000 x coins.

This was only a short presentation of the Tiki Island Slot, with short explanation of various slot machine features. However, the best way to learn is to try playing yourself. Find a reliable online site and start playing on the Tiki Island Slot. Who knows, it may be your ticket to a nice sandy beach on a real tropical island. Good luck!